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3rd October 2016


With many people holding Harvest Collections for the Foodbank this month, we asked Pete Scott how we were doing with current supply and demand.

Our RED LIST shows the items that we have two weeks supply or less of and that will run out – currently this contains ten items with another seven running very low.


Pete says:

‘Currently our total stock stands at 9.8 tonne(t) compared with 18+ tonne(t) at the start of 2016! We reduced some of our over stocked items such as pasta and beans by passing onto the Exeter Food Action and Fareshare for immediate distribution to those in need.

For the months of August and September this and the previous year our totals donated and distributed to Foodbank Clients were pretty similar:

Aug/Sep 2015  IN>6.2t and OUT>8.3t

Aug/Sep 2016 IN>6.5t and OUT>8.9t

This looks fairly steady until you put it into the year to date figures that show for the same period for the year to date:

Jan-Sep 2015  IN>33.3t and OUT>30.8t

Jan-Sep 2016   IN>33.0t and OUT>36.7t

So it seems pretty clear that on the figures to date the outgoings that have increased significantly … hence our present mini-crisis in supply and demand!

The stocks in the store are as low as I can remember … we are living from hand-to-mouth at the moment.

We are relying on a bumper Harvest followed by a bumper Christmas! Every donation that is made from our Supporters is very much appreciated.’

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