Foodbank Video

Some short videos talking about the work of the Exeter Foodbank and the effects of Food Poverty on people in crisis

In 2015 EFB provided 3 days’ worth of food to 4,688 people, of whom 1 in 4 was a child – Here’s How We Did That with your amazing help! Running Time 6.20


Find out about Sharon’s story and how the Foodbank was able to help her after she lost her job and was left without any money to buy food for herself and her children. Running Time 6.33


This is an informative video put together by the Guardian – Kathleen Kerridge’s family food budget is £40 per week – to feed five people. She says there is a big gap between the public perception of poverty and what it means for people like her. We should stop talking about poverty, she argues, until we know what being poor in this country really means. (Click on the Video below which will open the original in a new tab for you). Running Time 1.53



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