The Foodbank scores again at Exeter City Football Club


On the evening of Tuesday 27th September a team of Exeter Foodbank volunteers assembled just outside the players entrance at St James’ Park. Their mission? To don a snazzy Foodbank tabard and charm donations from the long-suffering City fans, collecting before the match, at half-time and then at the end.

This was a crunch match against Notts County.  Exeter had lost all their home games this season but had won the previous Saturday against Stevenage. The fans were hoping for something special.  It all started well for Exeter but then, after 2 minutes, they were a goal down… and 30 minutes later another goal down.

At half-time we were feeling a bit apprehensive: we wanted to collect money from these guys! What would happen, would they all take to drink and leave? We split into groups of 3 and went collecting at all parts of the ground.  We needn’t have worried. Although feeling down about their team, Exeter City fans dug deep into their pockets and were as generous as ever.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help them do better on the field, although I’m sure that 16 substitutes in green tabards would have made Notts County laugh so much we could have scored at least a dozen goals!!

The final result, alas, was Exeter 0 – Notts County 2…but we had collected £461, an amazing amount given that fans are asked to donate at all home games.

Thanks to all our volunteers for their time and effort and thanks to  for letting us do a collection.

John Vinall (EFB Management Team)